Assisting auto dealers in Maximizing their business Accounting Office Investment

Automotive Business Consultants was created to assist auto dealers in utilizing their accounting office to its fullest potential.  Focus on hiring and retaining top talent is a top priority for dealers.   We have partnered with the top hiring solution in the retail automotive market to assist dealers with their career site, posting to job boards, and onboarding the right candidates.  Paired with our training packages, this ensures that the business accounting manager is thoroughly trained to  maximize productivity in the epicenter of all car dealerships.  


Hiring the Right People Matters

Hireology reinvented the hiring process, working to eliminate bad hires and start improving businesses with quality performers.  Everything You Need to Make Better Hires with:

Career Site. Job Boards. Interview Guides.

References. Verifications. Onboarding.

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New Controller/Office Manager ​Onboarding

Have you hired a new controller or office manager with no dealership experience?  We can help get them up to speed with one of our New Controller/Office manager training packages.  Click below to contact us for a quote.

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Business Office Process Refresh/Overview

Is your business accounting office operating at it's maximum potential?  We offer an accounting refresh/analysis package to assist in making sure the accounting department is utilizing your Dealer Management System to it's fullest potential.  Click below to contact us for a quote.

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Customer Data Management

How many duplicate customer records do you have?  How are you managing those duplicates?   We can assist you in consolidating those records and keeping them clean by using the tools you currently have in your DMS.  Click below to contact us for a quote

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About Us

Kyle Michelle Rauzi was born and raised in the car dealership world, as both her father and grandfather owned GM, Ford and Chrysler stores. You can say it’s in her blood.   Because of that, she develop​​ed a strong passion for the business accounting office.   She has over 17 years’ dealership experience as a controller/office manager for single point and multi-franchised dealers.  In 2000,  Kyle was hired by ADP Dealer Services as an Account Executive, where she trained dealership employees on accounting and payroll applications.

In her 16-year tenure with ADP Dealer Services (currently CDK Global) Kyle moved from implementation to sales as a product specialist, presenting overall solutions to all sizes of CDK clients.    Kyle has presented CDK’s offerings to hundreds of dealer groups all over North America.   As the manager of CDK Global’s Executive Briefing Center, she facilitated high level executive meetings with multiple Manufactures and several of the Top Dealer Groups in the U.S. and Canada. This experience gave her the ability to understand all areas of the dealership, along with exposure to various ways of handling multiple scenarios that arise from different aspects of the business. 

The knowledge she gained by assisting CDK Global in discovery and analysis of dealership operations in all departments gives her an edge in the independent consulting business. She is able to uncover specific needs in the dealership while offering best practice processes and training solutions. Kyle’s experience and knowledge has given her the expertise to offer dealers various solutions to enhance and maximize their business accounting office operations. 

Kyle resides in beautiful Denver, NC, with her husband Jeff.